Thursday, January 13, 2011


Here is my design of papercraft model of the character Rana from the game Minecraft.  Also, Minecraft is awesome, and you should play it.

Here is a video showing a lot of Ranas, from a simpler time back when Ranas roamed free and wild on the fields of Minecraft.

Now, Rana no longer exists in the current version of Minecraft.  Word is that the graphics designer Dock had left Minecraft long ago, and with him all his creations are pulled too, for reasons unknown.  However, the way I see it, the real reason behind Rana's removal is thus:

The relatively more complex, more beauteous, yet not-so-blockular design of Rana simply does not jibe with the purist, isomorphic Notchian regime.  Her dangerous ideologies of such uncubical, dispixelated 3-dimensional representations have captivated the dumbfound gaze of countless disciples of Minecraft, inextricably drawn to Her and further to madness (such as this poor misguided soul here).  Soon it became clear that Rana posed too much of a threat to the uniformity of the World of Minecraftia; She was an anomalous peculiarity in the status quo that is this raw, primitive Blockscape, yet she was brilliant.  And so, the Almighty Nizzotch spoke and mandated Her exile, never to be in the official server at least, and hopefully the children of Notch will grow more ignorant as Minecraft develops, and the lost, heretical accounts of the Abomination shall be but a myth evermore, awash under the sands of each subsequent version update, as the forgotten name of their pagan Goddess echoes no more with the St. Creepers cleansing of the Moon-worshippers incurably perverse...

But I digress.  The following paragraphs will speak of more papercraft-related stuff, less Cult of Rana'ites stuff.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hoophy Issue #15

So, yesterday, the more or less questionable stuff I had ordered from DealExtreme finally arrived!  Hooray!!  And hey, there's a papercraft-related bonus of some sort!  Well, none of the more or less questionable stuff I had ordered is even remotely papercraft-related, so I don't know why I got this thing, but hey!  Free stuff!!  Yeah!!

Here's the bonus:  One page of papercraft pieces and one page showing the finished model.  They came rolled up in the package, so I had overweight physics and discrete mathematics textbooks sit on them overnight before I shall do them today.