Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hoophy Issue #15

So, yesterday, the more or less questionable stuff I had ordered from DealExtreme finally arrived!  Hooray!!  And hey, there's a papercraft-related bonus of some sort!  Well, none of the more or less questionable stuff I had ordered is even remotely papercraft-related, so I don't know why I got this thing, but hey!  Free stuff!!  Yeah!!

Here's the bonus:  One page of papercraft pieces and one page showing the finished model.  They came rolled up in the package, so I had overweight physics and discrete mathematics textbooks sit on them overnight before I shall do them today.

Apparently, this hoophy thing is kind of a series of papercraft models with basically the same geometry, but different textures in each model.  The Issue #15 I got here must be new or something, since it's not up on that site yet.

Oh, and about the quality of the paper provided, it is about the thickness of 65 lbs perhaps, and it is glossy on the printed side, which results in the tacky glue taking a little longer to firmly attach the pieces.  In this case, I got some good use out of my clamp-like tweezers which is clamped shut tight at its natural state, which I usually never have to use.  So, yeah!!

Anyway, despite lack of instructions, it's pretty simple to figure out how the pieces fit together.  The only slightly difficult part was finding the center of gravity to have the finished model stand upright on those two skinny legs, and at this task, I find it best to ignore the centered positions marked on the bottom where the legs should be attached.  Those things lie!

Also, I like the geometric idea of a pyramidal base surrounded by the rounded outer shape, though it looks not so good at the bottom.  Perhaps I'll incorporate this design pattern later in something.

Anyway, front View.

Front/side view.

Oh, and have a happy new year!