Thursday, March 31, 2011

Hinomoto Oniko

Here's a blog update, and also I'm still alive!

Today I shall build this papercraft model of Hinomoto Oniko (日本鬼子) (ヒノモト・オニコ).  She is an original character from 2chan.  You can find lots of different drawings of her here.  And the papercraft model is by cafetera, available here.  It looks like this model of Oniko most closely resembles this drawing below.

Here's something peculiar in the papercraft model design, of which I recall seeing a similar pattern in a previous model also from cafetera.  There is a strip on the hair object, and the head object is mainly two pieces joining together but leaving a slit for the strip to slide inside there.  I'm always interested in these clever ways to join pieces indirectly without any glue involved.

And here's something I don't like.  I think the triangular small sleeve piece is totally unnecessary here, and it's in an awkward position to glue it well here.  Also, I didn't glue it very well.

And now it's finished!  I had a great deal of trouble positioning it to stand upright.  Even with the spear to help distribute the weight sideways, it's still too difficult.

I figured I should find something super Japanesy for Oniko to pose next to, and well, here's the most Japanese activity I could think of and is available right here...  Consulting a Japanese dictionary!!!!!!  I believe Japanese girls have been known to do so, back when dictionaries ruled the world...  Someone please correct me if I'm mistaken.

Bonus kudoses to whoever correctly identifies the dictionary featured here!

That's all for now!