Monday, April 25, 2011


It's been a while, but here's a new papercraft model designed by myself!

This is Etopen, from the manga/anime Saki, which is about mahjong.

Actually, that was not a good picture.  Etopen is usually shown shorter and more rounded, possibly with some kind of growth impairment problem due to constantly being crushed by Nodoka's boobs.

Here's a plush of Etopen, and I'm basing my design on this picture.

Oh, and here is an already-made Etopen papercraft printout that seems to come with the purchase of Saki anime DVDs or something, I'm not quite sure.  I like the simplicity of it, though the completely 2-dimensional flat feet are a bit pushing it toward the lazy side.

Well, here I go with my own design!

So, here's my version of Etopen!  Short and plump like a mofo!  Yeah!!

Here I have partitioned the feet objects into pieces and glue tabs in a pretty awkward manner, which caused troubles in the model building.  Afterwards, I have revised the Pepakura file some more.

Until I learn to do UV-editing in Metasequoia, I won't be able to perfectly map a circle on a texture split onto multiple faces.  It'll just be distorted however slightly.  Fortunately, in this case, I can just fix the eyes with a black marker.

Oh man, these feet took quite a while to build.  Also, the pieces and glue tabs were awkward, so that didn't help.

It takes some time to build a sufficiently shaped spherical object.  Yep.

Oh, this came unplanned, but I found it favorable to attach the feet a bit toward the front, such that Etopen is balanced tripod-like on its feet and tail.  This also makes Etopen lean slightly upward and toward you, like it's reminding you to play some mahjong!  And then you'd have to be some kind of monster to not play mahjong!  The point is: Play mahjong!

Anyway, it's finished!  Here's Etopen in front of some mahjong tiles!

And here's a back/bottom view that is like fan-service or something!

You may now download the Etopen papercraft model at the Downloads section of this blog.