Monday, November 22, 2010

Ikubi Akius

Okay, I finally resumed working on this model after a rather long, indefinite hiatus.

This is Ikubi Akius, not to be confused with Suika Ibuki.  She is from a Walfas flash story about alcohol.

Here's my first attempt at it, aiming for simplicity.  I used an octagon for the body, and a rectangle for the head, and another octagon for the hat.  Soon I was struck with remose and began thinking about redoing the head with an octagon as well.

Continuing with the rectangular head shape, I didn't want to spend too much time on the hair, since there are other much better Suika papercraft models that go into much more detail.  However, I'm thinking what I have here is too little.  There are only 10 polygons for the hair so far.  And the rectangular-shaped head is not giving me much freedom to add the side ponytails in a convenient place.

And then a rather long, indefinite hiatus.

And here's what new stuff I have done today, after the rather long, indefinite hiatus which was mentioned previously.  First, I suddenly noticed that the octagonal body template I had saved long ago was, in fact, unsymmetrical.  So first I had to redo the body and made sure it is, in fact, totally symmetrical, or else bad things might happen somehow.  And then I re-did the head with an octagonal shape as well.  And then I saved the totally octagonally symmetrical head and body shapes as a template, for more models of Walfas characters to come, perhaps!

And then I tried some ideas for probably the most not-so-straightforward part, the hair!  I wanted to keep it simple, so I just started with an octagonal cylinder and tweaked it as necessary, to look less cylindery and more hairy, or hair-like.  There are no side ponytails in this version either, since I don't know how to simplify them to go with this design.  The head-shape is still suddenly totally flat, but the hat will cover that up anyway.

Well, the Pepakura decisions are done too.  This time I shall try the zipper-style glue tabs mentioned on Ninjatoes' blog and see how well they do for closing an octagonal cylinder.

I'm using the Wausau 65 lbs Cardstock which I have online-purchased this time.  It's pretty good, but I still have to really marker the edges and sharp turns, so I'd probably not use it for this kind of organic model next time.

Also, the zipper-style glue tabs mentioned previously may haveworked for the rectangular soles, aka the bottoms of shoes, but I find them rather difficult to work with on the octagonal closings.  So I shall revise the Pepakura file without those zipper-style glue tabs.  By the way, there are some glue tabs in the Pepakura file that are obviously too big xor unnecessary.  So do trim xor not use them, respectively.

Here is Ikubi Akius before she puts on the disguise.

Here is Ikubi Akius, old enough to drunk alcohol!  Yeah!!

You may download the Ikubi Akius papercraft model at the Downloads section of this blog.