Friday, November 26, 2010

Voodoo Stubey

Since I do use toothpicks regularly to apply glue in my papercraft construction process, I shall build this thing:

It's like a cute little toothpick holder or something!

Ironically, the most difficult part of building this model is the poking of the holes, especially with a toothpick!  I don't have a needle or anything, so this part is kinda hard.  Toothpick goes splat against the 65 lbs Cardstock.  Eventually, I just used the sharp end of my trusty old tweezers and showed those holes who poked whom.

And here it is.  But wait!  My toothpicks seem to be longer than the width of the mouth compartment, so they do not fit there nice and snug as advertised in the picture!  Oh noes!!