Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Sup yo.  Here are some crude attempts of mine at designing a 3D model of an FOE, from Etrian Odyssey, intended for building a physical papercraft model of it later.

This is an FOE.

This is a video about FOE.

Attempt 1.  It's just a polygonized sphere with the textures poorly drawn by myself.  The hairs look pretty bad, and I didn't bother trying to fix it much, since I don't like this model being so simple of a sphere anyway.

Attempt 2.  The hairs are now polygons!  But... this looks even less like an FOE, doesn't it?  It does look kinda fearsome though, particularly terrifying if you actually want to physically build the papercraft model of it.

Both models above look kinda stupid, the latter being particularly stupid to physically build, so I didn't bother exporting to Pepakura.

Anyway, your comments and suggestions are welcome.  (Not via this blog though, but you know where to contact me.)  Also, if you know of the existence of some other 3D model of an FOE or something that looks like an FOE from some other source, please let me know.