Saturday, December 25, 2010

Toiley the Toilet Paper

First, it may be helpful to have seen this episode of Phineas and Ferb.

Now, the backstory:  In a dialogue with a friend who is currently working on building the Perry the Platypus papercraft model, she spoke of having completed the fedora and having it rested on a roll of toilet paper.  And then I proposed that she should call it "Toiley the Toilet Paper."  And thus the idea is born!  Yeah!!

Presenting my very own Toiley the Toilet Paper, on a roll of toilet paper that is very thin and almost out of toilet paper!

Well then, why not make a complete papercraft model of it, I say.  And so I have designed it rather swiftly.

And here's the Pepakura of it.  The fedora is of the exact same geometry and dimensions as the one in the Perry the Platypus papercraft model, but with possibly better glue tabs.

Well, I probably won't actually build this, since I do already have my own Toiley the Toilet Paper as pictured above.  So yeah, no finished papercraft model pictures.

Anyway, you may now download the Toiley the Toilet Paper papercraft model in the Downloads section of this blog.

P.S. Merry Ex'mas, everyone!