Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pumpkin Loli

Here's something Halloweeny for Halloween, which is today!!  Well, it's a loli, with pumpkins!!  Yeah!!  You may download the papercraft file from the author's site with this direct link:

I'll be using the thin 20 lbs printer paper again.  It doesn't look too difficult, except maybe those boots.

Well, the boots are done, but not well done.  Then I realized I should have patiently done one horizontal glue tab at a time and close the vertical glue tab last.  That would probably have yielded a higher quality finish.

Here I have the hair parts and two pumpkins done.  They're not difficult or anything.  I took my time to slowly do those pumpkins one glue tab at a time, and they turned out quite well, if I do say so myself.  Yeah!!

Well, most of the naked body parts are done now.  I was an idiot and immediately attached the boot-legs whose exact configuration with the rest of the body is loosely given without glue tabs.  Later I realized I might have positioned both legs incorrectly, so I had to fix at least one by amputating the leg because the tacky glue had dried solidly.

Here's something else that bugs me: the way the head is attached to the main hair piece.  I like the "sandwich" idea in theory, but perhaps due to my choice of build order, it's turned out rather clumsily.

I'm waiting for the pumpkin's ribbons to dry.  Meanwhile, I was considering maybe have the model's right arm in this flexing pose instead of the given.

Well, it's done.  I stuck with the given both-hands-on-waist pose anyway, since the head is kinda tilting downward to go nicely with the given pose.

Side view.

Back view.  Uh oh, it looks like Yuyuko and Yukari are in trouble of some sort!  It looks like the pumpkin loli is about to give them a scolding, perhaps.

Actually, this is what they are seeing from their point of view.  So, yeah!!