Saturday, October 2, 2010


Here I was working through this Metasequoia tutorial about building a candlestick:

And then it's done!  And for some added fun, I messed around with applying textures into cylinder-based shapes.

One thing I noticed for exporting to pepakura is that I probably have to merge all objects in Metasequoia into just one object, and then manually join the vertices to connect these objects into one continuous shape.  Otherwise, if I hadn't done so, Pepakura won't give me glue tabs to glue them together.

And here I have manually fixed how the Pepakura pieces should be, where they should be connected or cut, where the glue tabs should be, and how to orient them on the paper in a most sensible way and such.  Also, I removed all fold lines.  Also, I have resized the Pepakura model's height to be 15cm.

You may download the above candlestick model with the Rumia texture here: