Monday, October 4, 2010

Perry the Platypus - Part 02

Now I shall physically build the Perry the Platypus model which I have designed previously.

I'll be using 65lb cardstock paper this time.  It's thick enough that I better score it, and I still often have to fix the ink with markers, and then I get the markers' ink on my fingers and mixed with glues, and suddenly dirty glue bits show up everywhere!  Oh noes!  I need to develop a better system, maybe not marker up everything so much!

The eyeballs here have their spherical shape approximated with a low polygon count that's like 6x6 or something, but I know not the proper terminology to describe those 3D concepts.  Anyway, I built one of them with a rather stupid build order.  D'oh.

When I was cutting out those strips of the main body, I was beginning to think if I used too many polygons for no reason.  Well, I arranged those strips in that order to make it easy to manipulate the shape of the main body to be slightly bulging outward, and it still remains a little pliable around where the legs should be attached.

Oh by the way, I fixed the texture for the tail to be the exact colors as seen in the cartoon now.  And the hind legs are pretty easy to do, starting from the teal-colored leg part and work downward to close at the bottom of the foot.

The front legs are quite small, and the little pieces can be quite troublesome.  I had to apply an external coat of glue at the joint to really make sure the pieces are sturdily glued together.

And then put the pieces together arbitrarily where they look like they should go, and make sure the legs are balanced so Perry does stand there with no trouble.  And then done!

Here is my Perry the Platypus!  Yeah!!

Front view.

Side view.

Back/side view.

Perry makes some new friends!  They're all anxiously waiting to hear his awesome teeth grinding sound!  Yeah!!

You may no longer download the above Perry the Platypus papercraft model.  The above version has been revised.

In the following ver1.2, those annoying strips on the side of the main body have been merged into just two big pieces!  Keep in mind that those two big pieces are not flat, but supposed to be a little curved.  Anyway, the .pdo file won't get rid of some of these too-tiny-to-cut cut lines, so I have provided the printouts specifically without them, which kinda makes the following explanation redundant.  You won't see these cut lines in the printouts I have provided, but they'll still show up in the .pdo file for you to safely ignore.

Also, I have revised the tail to use just one texture now, so there is no more problem of aligning together multiple textures.  In other words, now the waffle pattern won't desync.

Perry the Platypus ver1.3 is now available in the Download section of this blog!