Thursday, October 7, 2010

Perry the Platypus - Part 03

Here's the fedora that Perry the Platypus Agent P wears.  I am still not quite satisfied with the 3D shape I've decided for it, so I am probably gonna do some more editing before exporting it to Pepakura.

You might recall the Phineas and Ferb episode "Got Game?", where Perry was undercover disguised as a puppy.

Here's what the puppy ears and tail attachments look like so far.  I'll probably edit the ears some more.

And then I physically built the models.  Oh man, these papercraft models, which I have designed myself, sure kicked my arse!  I had problems and difficulties at multiple junctures with the fedora and the puppy ears!

First, about the fedora.  It must have been a typo when I decided it as an 18-sided polygonal cylinder of some sort.  When I realized it, it still looked okay, despite the non-symmetry, so I went along with it.  Anyway, here when I have to wrap 18 glue tabs around a circle, that's a lot of glue tabs for little inexact matches to add up and become a noticeable problem where there is just too much or not enough of one piece to close the loop beautifully, oh noes!  The fact that I was going smooth-tech with lineless prints probably also contributed to this problem.  So, I was like "Okay, here goes glue tabs 1, 2, 3, ... 8, 9... Argh!?!  Where and/or how did this come from and/or happen?!?!"  I had to make some unexpected revisions with scissors which fixed some cases, but not others.  Ugh!!

Here is the fedora.  Zoom in to see how much tacky glue is all over the thing!

Front view of the fedora clearly shows that the 3D geometry I have made here is not what a real fedora looks like.  That's okay with me though.

The fedora is hollow inside, with plenty of room for that piece of hair to hide.

Now, onto the puppy suit.  The tail was pretty easy and straightforward.  The main problems are with the ears.  I am not sure whether I should have revised my build-order, or position of glue tabs, or the 3D geometry, or some combination of all of the above.  Anyway, the closing was awkward and poorly executed.

Perry the puppy!

Front view of the puppy ears which gave me mucho problemoes.

If you glue the white band around the tail attachment, then you cannot take it off.  So, here's what I've done.  Yeah!!

The Yukkuris are back!  I think the Yukkuri Marisa looks quite dashing with Perry's fedora!
(The Yukkuris are from here:

Anyway, here is Perry the Platypus ver1.3.  It is now available in the Download section of this blog.