Sunday, October 24, 2010

Glico Snack Loli

Today I shall build this papercraft model of this some kind of loli with antennae/bat wings/devil tail/pitchfork/cookie, sitting on top of a Glico's pastry snack of some sort.  If you are fluent in Japanese, you might be able to find out more about this character from the author's webpage here:  According to Google Translate, she seems to be some kind of "tooth decay bacterial," so yeah!!

First, the snack packaging, a one-piece box with milk carton-like closings.  I like the geometry of it, and how the author decided to make the cut through the middle of a surface, instead of along an edge like what I probably would have done.  This decision actually makes a lot of sense, much to my surprise.

Well, then I had to look up more about this snack.  There's this blog page where this person talked about it briefly:

By the way, I am back to using the thin 20 lbs-ish cheap paper on this model.  Now I understand the tradeoffs between thick and thin paper types (though I have yet to try the middle-ground 65~67 lbs types).  So far, I prefer them thin.

While Thick papers allow you more leeway to be rough with the paper and not worry about irreversible wrinkles due to over-gluing, they WILL give you white edges wherever you bend them, and the extra thickness may offset the precise lining up between adjoining pieces.

Meanwhile, thin papers do not have the above disadvantages due to the structural thickness of the paper.  The problem of "But they're so thin!" can be overcome by acquiring a delicate touch, with experience.

Anyway, back to the model.  Here are the head and hair pieces.  They are simple and straightforward.  I like them.

I am glad these boots are black, which means I can fix whatever problems with a black marker all day, and it'll still turn out perfectly black.  However, then I was clumsy and got some of that black markering to smear off to some non-black surfaces.  Also, I learned to go wash my hands with soap after working with the black parts.  Ugh!!

Oh, and the non-symmetry is fun to build.  Yay!

This tiny little trident here sure made me feel clumsy with the cutting process.  Perhaps I should have switched to a new blade with a tip not chipped off.  Oh also, she wears no panties, as far as I can tell.  Unless the panties are skin-colored, and there are no lines to separate them from the skin.

Anyway, it's done.  Don't worry.  The antennae will dry clear later.

Side view.

Other side view.

Uh oh, someone is making a cameo!