Thursday, September 23, 2010

Brass Baghnakh

First some news: I have bought a pack of 150lb cardstock, and oh man that mustache is thick! I mean really it's so much thicker that I'm sure I can't use it for the small, detailed organic models I so like to do. Anyway, I decided I shall use the cardstock paper on some life-sized models, such as some weapons, why not! Here are a some papercraft weapon models that got my interest:

I must say those swords do look pretty sweet. Or, as in the words of a good friend of mine: "The poor photo quality helps make those swords look real!"  So, yeah!!

But first, I shall do this Brass Baghnakh model from this guy's blog:

I don't know the context of that particular weapon other than that it's tagged with "Final Fantasy XI"; perhaps one of you nerds can tell me more about it. Anyway, I chose to give this model a go for some quick cardstock experience, since it was only 3 pages of a few big pieces, and the claw thing does have an interesting geometry.

Okay, here it goes!

I got a nice set of Crayola 64 Ct Pip - Squeaks Skinnies Markers to pre-mark off edges before gluing this time.  Oh yes, "bear hug" is a color.

This damn thick cardstock turned out to be quite problematic. This time I HAVE TO score the paper to facilitate folding, especially at the glue tabs. Also, some amount of ink actually does chip off from the cardstock just from scoring/folding. At least I have the markers to somewhat fix that problem. Here are the 3 talons. Can you guess which ones I built first, next, and last, based on the differences in quality?

Okay, it's done. I had a lot of trouble with the closing, and a lot more ink chipped off in the process that I didn't bother fixing it in every detail anymore. I'll just let it be like a "vintage" weapon that has its paint chipped off from being used in many battles and whatnot.

The best part about building life-sized weapon models? How it fits snugly in your hand for some pretend-carnage. Remember that episode of Deadliest Warrior where that Indian guy showed off those katars? That scene takes me to my happy place.