Thursday, September 23, 2010

Google Sketchup and Chair

I have recently begun working with this amazing and fun 3D software: Google Sketchup. What's so awesome about it? I'll just quote this guy from this website:
  • This software is the opposite of CAD--- Computer Aided Design--- which is detail-driven. SketchUp gives you total flexibility messing with the FINAL look of something. You work directly with the vision you have, learn what's wrong or right with it, and keep trying variations or starting down new tracks.
  • SketchUp is unbelievably good. It's everything software *should* be, but isn't: intuitive, productive, stable, and fun. Using a remarkable technology they call "inferencing," SketchUp has an uncanny ability to figure out which direction you wish to draw; using "locking," you can fix that direction and then reference it to other points in the model.
Here's a Sketchup tutorial showing several ways to build chairs:

Here's the chair I built (without smoothness except that one smooth part I didn't bother to fix) and unfolded in Pepakura Designer:

Some of those auto-generated glue tabs are horrendous, I know. Still, progress is progress! Yeah!!