Sunday, September 26, 2010

Genesis Sword

The Genesis Sword papercraft can be found here:

It's a rapier-type weapon from Crisis Core - Final Fantasy VII, which I don't know anything about.  Apparently, this guy wields it.  Well, I'm gonna make one for myself too because I think it's pretty.  Aye, such a shallow reason, but it's good enough for me!

Since I'll be using the 110lb Cardstock paper again, I figured I'll switch to a fresh new blade today.  It seemed to help a little.  Meanwhile, I kept an old dull blade in the pink handle for scoring purposes, which I now do frequently for this heavy Cardstock business.

Here is the blade part of the rapier, just 5 parts connected in series.  Nothing too fancy here.

Referring to this rapier parts diagram, I believe these parts I'm working on now are the two quillons.  These parts do have some tiny pieces, which is just not good for the Cardstock, what with the ink chipping off everywhere and such.  I had to fix them with markers everywhere.

This curved fellow here is the diagonal guard.  The .pdo file doesn't show anything about having to manually trim it, and the Instructions.pdf tells me about it too late.  I had to hack at it awkwardly with scissors and craft knife while it is already curved and two pieces being glued together for extra thickness.  Ugh!!

Okay, it's done.  Hooray!

A close-up on the general hilt area.  I was getting quite impatient waiting for the tacky glue to really dry and hold together all those pieces in the hilt.

Perhaps some of you can tell me how I am holding it all wrong.  Anyway, I'd probably grasp the grip with the index, middle, and ring fingers inside the diagonal guard if I weren't being extra dorky with the gloves.

En garde!