Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mabinogi - Nao - Part 02

Welcome back to the continuation of my construction of the Nao papercraft!

Nao is continuing...

Using my tweezers as a shoehorn, I finally managed to squeeze Nao's fat head into her primary hair piece. Next to her head is Nao's upper torso undershirt. So, this is what Nao wears under her black dress. Is it just cold here, or are Nao's nipples happy to see me or what?

Here I have finished one half of Nao's black inflated chest vest. It had a terrifying bunch of tiny glue tabs to wrap around in a spiral pattern, which actually turned out pretty easy to do. So yeah, that solves the mystery of the missing breast size from the undershirt shown previously!

The neck-to-torso connection is another one of those sloppy "just jam it in" situations, ugh! Anyway, here I tried to use a black marker to cover up the little bits of white between the connections in the black chest vest. However, the color didn't exactly match, and the marker was probably too thick. Still, this looks better than having whites there.

Nao's legs are done, without too much trouble, except the closings at the soles of the shoes. Those gave me difficulties.

Stay tuned, folks! In the next episode, we'll have a go at Nao's panties and probably finish this whole model too!