Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mabinogi - Mimic

Papercrafts, 3-dimensional models of things made of paper! Yeah!!

You'll need: color-printer, paper, craft knife, glue, optional tools such as tweezers etc., Pepakura Viewer for .pdo files, DEX, time, patience, and no phobia of getting glue on your fingers!

For those interested, I recommend you get these very specific tools:

There are quite a few publicly available Mabinogi papercrafts. Most of them seem to be from this site. Just download, print, and have fun. Some of them are not free there, but you might find them for free on other papercrafting websites.

By the way, all of the above Mabi papercrafts are pretty beginner-unfriendly, even the Mimic one. They can be quite tricky with the very tiny pieces and the difficult closing situations. If you have never done any kinds of papercrafts before, then you're in for some unkind learning curve! Well, that's just my opinion. I have been casually doing papercrafts for some time, and I'll be doing a few of these Mabi papercrafts now that I have more free time. You may ask me if you have any papercraft-related questions.

Here's the Mimic papercraft I did. It took me quite several hours.

It's big enough to swallow a couple of those rectangular batteries.

 Back/side view.

 Oh noes, my pencil! *chomp*

 Say "Ahhhhhhhh~"

 And some crudely drawn imps!