Friday, September 24, 2010

Sleepy Yukari

This is the "sleepy" Yukari Yakumo papercraft model, available here:

It may be surprising that the author of this Yukari model is actually not the same person who made the Yuyuko in a box model mentioned previously.  I think they match quite well though.  However, the two authors do have quite different design styles which quickly become apparent as I start cutting out the pieces.  Also,  just like in PCB, this Yukari is much more difficult.

There are some really tiny pieces and awkward closing situations, which are even more awkward to work with due to the tininess.  In Japan, small is beautiful.  Though I was thinking that I might have considered enlarging the scale of the model by a factor of at least 2, if the file weren't password protected.  Oh, but then, any jerk with a big clumsy elementary school safety scissors and elmer's glue can probably do it too.  Then I had respect for the author for making this model so tiny, perhaps as an added level of difficulty.

Anyway, here are pictures.

Project Sleepy Yukari.  Ready, fight!

All the pieces have been cut out.  Lots of tiny/thin red ribbons.  Also, just cutting out that primary hair piece was quite exhausting.

Here we have the two main troublemakers of this model: the head piece and the main body piece.  These two shapes are to be completely closed, giving you less and less space to maneuver as you come close to closing.  Some other designers would probably keep things simple, such as by making the head piece a half sphere, open at the top of the head where the hair/hat would cover it up anyway, and by using several pieces to layer together the cylindrical torso shape, but not this guy!  No easy-modo when it comes to Yukari-sama!

Well, the head and main body pieces are done and closed off to a satisficeable degree.  Yes, the body stands!  Yuyuko is helping here by holding up the head.  Meanwhile, the hair, torso/clothes, and hat parts are under way.

These hair-ribbon pieces are probably the tiniest units I've ever worked on EVER.  Look how tiny they are!

The hat and the white part of the dress are done now.  The arms are next.

And then a lot more details and then done!  I believe made those frills even more pronounced than the author did.  I think it turned out quite splendidly.  Scissors go snip snip snip snip snip snip!

Side view.

Back view.  Also, napping.

BFF!!  Yeah!!

Oh noes, what are they doing!!