Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mabinogi - Nao - Part 01

I am kinda following the step-by-step advice given in this series of pages:

I think I shall also provide a few pictures to show my own steps through this project.

Nao is in progress...

Nao is in pieces...  Oh man, I should not have cut out all 4 pages of those pieces all in one session. *major hand cramp* By the way, that half-page of stuff I didn't cut out is for an alternative arms set that does not hold Nao's curved cane thingy. I'll be doing the version with the curved cane thingy.

Starting with Nao's face/head, probably the most annoyingly small and detailed parts...
I've been using the "smooth" technique (does not fold!), and it's working quite well. I probably should have used the thicker cardstock paper (instead of regular printer paper), which could have helped avoid some wrinkles.

Darn it! I've never hated Nao's hair so much as I do now! Especially those long twin pigtails! Stupid super high maintenance hair! Ugh!

To be continued...