Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mabinogi - Nao - Part 03

Good news, everyone!  The Nao papercraft is complete!

Now comes a gallery of pictures.

YES!! THE LEGS, THEY STAND!!!! I was getting worried that I might have applied too much glue and too many adjustments to glue the two legs to the bottom of her underwear that it becomes too wrinkly and whatnot.

Since no one will ever know otherwise, here is a mandatory pantie shot, before I finish her black dress.
Spoiler: Nao wears panties.
Spoiler 2: Nao wears white panties with a tiny red bow-tie.

And here is another pantie shot from the back, because I can. Got a problem with that?

Following the guide, I worked on Nao's curved cane thingy. I made a couple of mistakes and had to abort it. Instead, I worked on this Nao doughnut thing I had printed as a backup. The Nao doughnut can be found here:

 Ummm... here, put on your doughnut while I work on your arms next.

The arms are almost done. Those hand/thumb areas sure are tiny and detailed, but I sure showed them with my trusty tweezers!

And then I finished the rest of Nao's black dress. This time I marked the edges first, before I proceeded to glue them. They turned out much better and required much less fixing after the gluing, yay!

Then there was some frustration with attaching the upper and lower bodies at the waist, which is not designed with a glue tab or offer any convenient entry points for adjustments. Ugh!!

Okay, done. Here come more pictures, like those exhibitions you might see on those websites selling models.

Front view.

Back view.

Side view.  Dayum, that's some polygons down there!

"Hey, my eyes are up here!"

"Stop staring at them, you pervert!"

I know, the thick black markering on the chest bothers me too. Ughh.

I was planning to have Nao hold the Nao doughnut in her hands, but it turns out I might have made some mistake or not, and the hands aren't oriented exactly like they should. So, no holding the doughnut then. But what to do now with the doughnut? Let's ask Nao how to use the doughnut!

How to use the Nao doughnut?
Method 1.

How to use the Nao doughnut?
Method 2.

How to use the Nao doughnut?
Method 3.

Which is the correct method to use the Nao doughnut? Discuss!

And that concludes this Nao papercraft project of mine. I feel like I didn't do so well in many places. Still, gotta work on things way beyond your skill level, in order to improve. I feel I have gained a sizeable amount of exp in papercraft mastery after this project. Perhaps I'll do a succubus model next time.